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Request for Assistance End of trial period

Simone Mori    Friday, October 16, 2020

With the release of UBIQUITY 11.6 of April 2020, the "Request for assistance" feature was released on Windows 32/64 Systems in "feature preview mode".

The "Request for assistance" button, found in the UBIQUITY Runtime window, sends an email to a default recipient and it makes the pending request of help visible using a popup.

The trial period for this feature for its free evaluation has concluded and upon the termination of scheduled developments for its completion, the function will be proposed in a new commercial environment.

Request for Assistance

Simone Mori    Thursday, February 27, 2020

Timeliness is a key element when a request for assistance is made by clients and end-users of automatic machines. Operators, maintenance workers, and plant managers must be able to access assistance channels through clear and immediate channels.

UBIQUITY 11.6.023 introduces, in experimental mode, the possibility of requesting for assistance using a command easily accessible from the HMI interface of a machine. After pressing the “Request for Assistance” button, an email will be sent to the default recipients defined by the administrator of the UBIQUITY domain thus making the pending request visible in Control Center in a pop-up.

Dedicated technical staff can then be able to intervene to minimize waiting times. The instructions of configuration and use are available in the online manual.

Deprecation of UBIQUITY Control Center SDK

Simone Mori    Friday, February 7, 2020

UBIQUITY Control Center exposes an SDK in the form of a C# .NET assembly that allows developing alternative applications for executing actions that are normally performed by users interactively on Control Center.

Depending on future developments based on web technologies, Control Center SDK will not undergo any further changes and it will be supported and available for all domains created before 1st November 2019. Control Center will not be available for domains created after said date.

Reconnecting to Server in case of connectivity loss

Simone Mori    Thursday, January 23, 2020

UBIQUITY version 11.4.018 for Routers and Windows is now available. This version corrects an occasional connectivity problem that occurred in case of a temporary Internet connectivity loss.

We remind you that an on-field update of devices can be scheduled directly from Control Center.

In case the devices to be updated are offline due to the previously mentioned conditions, restarting them is sufficient to restore their connectivity so they can be updated.

Introducing support for link local addresses

Simone Mori    Friday, January 10, 2020

In a computer network, a link-local address is a network address valid only for the communication of devices within the network segment or to the broadcast domain to which the host is connected. Link-local addresses are most often assigned automatically through a process known as "auto-configuration of link-local addresses".

Link-local addresses for IPv4 are defined in the address block.

With UBIQUITY 11.4 Beta, if the automation network uses the aforementioned class of addresses, the UBIQUITY VPN adapter will automatically assign itself an address compatible with the network based on the specifications provided by the link-local protocol.

Automatic Identification of Connection Parameters

Simone Mori    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to enter a new SIM card information in a UBIQUITY router system with integrated 3G/4G?

Cellular communication requires modems to be configured with a parameter named "APN" or Access Point Name. This parameter identifies the internet access point that has to be used, in conjunction with the operator with which a contract has been made. This information is often hard to get and documented poorly.

With the most recent version of UBIQUITY 11.2, these problems are solved automatically with the latest function "Automatic APN Configuration". This function allows the seamless configuration of the APN by the router, greatly simplifying the use of the system. Control Center and updated firmware for UBIQUITY are downloadable in the download area and from the automatic update.

Device side Connection Authorization

Simone Mori    Thursday, October 3, 2019

In the latest Beta 11.1 (available for download) it is now possible to enable an additional security level on a device. It is possible to configure UBIQUITY Runtime so it asks interactively for confirmation of incoming connections from Control Center.

This configuration is done on a per-device basis at the domain level using Control Center.

To enhance the fact that remote assistance is in session, we have introduced a new widget that is always on top of all other windows. It is also possible to interrupt an active remote session from this widget at any moment.

This function is available for Win32 Runtimes and it requires an update of both the Runtime and Control Center.


Simone Mori    Thursday, September 26, 2019

We are happy to announce the release of the beta version of UBIQUITY 11.

UBIQUITY 11 is full of interesting new features.

We now support the virtualization of the USB port of remote devices. You’ll be able to give assistance on any kind of device that uses a USB port as a communication interface. This feature is available on the new RK2x Router series, on x86 devices with the Windows operating system and on the newly released HMI50 panel series.

To keep you updated on any news about UBIQUITY, you can now find a convenient news section on the right side of Control Center when you open it. Check it frequently to be updated on the development stream of UBIQUITY.

The user manual of UBIQUITY is now really online. The Help menu of UBIQUITY Control Center now redirects you directly to UBIQUITY’s web site, always giving you access to the latest version of the documentation.

For more details, please check the changelog of the new version on the download page.

Introducing UNIQLOUD

Alberto Riccio    Monday, May 27, 2019

UNIQLOUD is the name of the ASEM's Cloud platform that includes and supports the UBIQUITY teleassistance service, identity, and device management.

All the existing UBIQUITY domains have been automatically extended to UNIQLOUD domains and automatically support all the new services and functionality.

Today, the integration and rollout of all the users and domain for the product sites of UBIQUITY and UNIQLOUD have been completed successfully. These sites now allow the creation, correct management, and authentication, including a second security factor, of UNIQLOUD users and domains. Authenticating with a UNIQLOUD user unlocks access to reserved functionality.

Access to the Help and Download sections require authentication (contact to request access). All UBIQUITY related content is available without authentication.