New features for RK2x Routers

Luca Begnini    Monday, January 8, 2024

The firmware update for RK2x Routers, which includes Ubiquity Runtime 13.5, also introduces the ability to create 1:1 NAT rules and update firmware via the System Manager web interface.

NAT 1:1 is like intelligent Port Forwarding, which routes all incoming traffic on one of the WAN port IP addresses directly to a device on the LAN automation network, regardless of the protocol used. This means that a device in the automation network (a PLC, a Drive etc) can now be assigned to a specific IP address on the customer's IT network without the need to manage multiple ports and protocols. A significant advantage is when the device exposes multiple services.

Further new, is the ability to update firmware via the System Manager web interface. This mode is in addition to the three existing ones that remain valid: via USB, via Ubiquity network by scheduling the update, and via Ubiquity by manually transferring the file to the Router.

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