Change of administration rights for subdomains

CorradoPavan    Montag, 12. April 2021

In order to provide a better security management through the use of user profiling, starting from Ubiquity 12.1.44 a new feature is available to manage in a granular way the permissions of administrators of subdomains, very useful to divide the domain into areas with different administration responsibilities.

With the latest version of Ubiquity a subdomain administrator can't change the permissions granted by the domain administrator and can only create users with the same permissions. This prevents local administrators from having free choice over the permissions of the users they create.

As a result of this change, you may be required to change the permissions assigned to current subdomain administrators by the domain administrator.

Previously, to create a subdomain administrator it was sufficient to create a user and grant him/her the permissions "Access users" and "Manage users". Now it is necessary to specify also what other rights this type of users can manage.

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