Secure and Certified Software
for Remote Assistance


UBIQUITY is the complete, safe and certified solution for remote assistance on any type of industrial system.

UBIQUITY is available as an application for Windows CE and Windows systems.

UBIQUITY Router Systems are all-in-one solutions ready to use and easily installable even on pre-existing industrial systems.

UBIQUITY uses a state-of-art technology for secure communications through internet guaranteeing high performance and security for remote assistance in industrial automation.


EN62443-3 Security Certificate

Security certificate


Server Infrastructure

Ubiquity uses a distributed in cloud server infrastructure that is highly scalable and it supports connections to remote devices guaranteeing high performance and continuity of service.


It represents the collection of devices of a UBIQUITY user with groups and Domains defined by a Domain administrator together with access rights and permissions for various functionality.

UBIQUITY Control Center

A Windows application installed on all computers that will be used for technical assistance. It activates a connection with remote devices for interactive services and a VPN for access to the subnetwork of automation. It allows the management of Domain resources and the registration of devices.


A Ubiquity Web app that allows access to remote desktops through any HTML5 web browser, even with iOS and Android.

On-premise Server

Server infrastructure of ubiquity for managing connections. It is available for a completely independent on-premise installation.


Installed software on a remote device that allows access to the automation subnetwork and to the devices itself. UBIQUITY Runtime is available for PCs running Windows and embedded systems running Windows CE.

Ubiquity VPN App for Android

Android application for activating a VPN connection to remote systems from android.


Immediate configuration with an easy and intuitive interface. It does not require IT competence.

VPN technology optimized for all industrial connectivity based on Ethernet protocols.
VPN connections with a reduced latency with traffic monitoring.
No limit on VPN traffic and number of simultaneous connections.
Support of routing rules for access of different remote subnets.

Complete interactive services: Remote desktop, file transfer, chat and task manager.
Support for multi-monitor systems, access to multiple RDP sessions on Windows Server systems.

Certified EN 62443-3 secure solutions
Two factor authentication.

Complete user and group management with permissions and roles.
Audit trail for all operations of Domain administration and established connections with activity tracing.

Remote desktop via browser even with smartphones and tablets.
VPN support for Android devices.

Schedulable updates of remote systems with automatic check of new updates of Runtime and Control Center.

Support for secure Internet sharing with devices of a LAN subnet.
Support for NAT and routing.

Geolocalization on maps of remote systems.

Availability of licensing models for different use cases.