UBIQUITY X Advanced Connectivity Services

Corrado Pavan    Montag, 14. Dezember 2020

With the release of UBIQUITY 12, UBIQUITY X is now supported.

UBIQUITY X is the new SaaS business model that involves subscribing to an advanced connectivity services package that bundles old and new advanced capabilities.

Advanced connectivity services include some familiar functionalities:

- Audit of connections and Domain administration activities

- Subdomain management with the ability to create subdirectory administrators

- Geolocation of field devices on a geographical map

- Authorization for incoming connection to IPC systems by the technician operating the machine.

Besides, there are important new features that characterize the new proposal:

- Tele-assistance via augmented reality through the UBIQUITY AR app

- Availability of a complete set of Web APIs for the integration of UBIQUITY services in third-party applications, thus opening up opportunities for digital transformation typical of Industry 4.0

- VPN connections from mobile devices through the UBIQUITY VPN app

- Assistance request service through which the operator in the field, with a simple click, can notify the technicians in charge of the need to receive support.

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