Local Connection and End of Development for Windows based Control Center

Luca Begnini    Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The release of version 13.5 of UBIQUITY, represents a significant moment for us and your user experience: the Windows-based Control Center reaches the End of Development phase. This means that there will be no further evolutionary development for this desktop application, but we want to assure you that we will continue to provide support and maintenance to ensure a smooth experience for you.

The Web version of Control Center https://ubiquity.asem.it/controlcenter has already been enhanced thanks to your valuable feedback and offers a revamped interface and an improved user experience. We, therefore, encourage you to start the migration now to ensure a smooth transition and benefit from future new features.

UBIQUITY Runtime 13.5 also officially introduces support for the Ubuntu22 Linux OS, replacing the previous Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20. This support is not just a technical update, but a definite step toward aligning UBIQUITY with FT Optix from the standpoint of supported Linux distribution.

In this release, we also introduced the Local Connection that allows you to take full advantage of all UBIQUITY features even on a local network without Internet access. Thanks to this innovation, you can now:

  1. Connect via Remote Desktop to iPC or OptixPanel, enjoying advanced features such as chat, file transfer and process management, overcoming the limitations of VNC.
  2. Access via VPN to the automation network during the development and commissioning of machines integrating iPC, OptixPanel or RK2x Router.
  3. Use UBIQUITY to connect to field machines integrating iPCs, OptixPanels, or RK2x Routers, even when an end-customer-supplied third-party VPN is required.

NOTE: OptixPanels and RK2x Routers enable Local Connection with a firmware upgrade that will be available soon.

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