Updating UBIQUITY Runtime and Router

Tree and tabular views of paired devices include the information on availability of an update for each device.


The automatic update is valid for Win32/64, WinCE UBIQUITY Runtime and UBIQUITY Router starting from version 3. Alternatively, you can always perform the ‘update locally.

From the tree view, select a device and expand the section Device Access on the right. The Client version item provides information about the current version, the Update Status item provides information about the availability of an update and allows to activate the update procedure.


Please note the update procedure is never automatically scheduled. The automatism works ONLY after the update has been manually scheduled.


In the tabular view the current version information and the updates are shown in the respective columns.

The “Update” button allows you to run the update to the official versions and check for the latest Certified, Stable or Beta versions greater than one installed.

Update status can be one of the following:

  • Up-to-date: no official update is available. The Update button is still accessible in case you want to manually check for Certified, Stable or Beta releases.

  • Available: there is an official version newer than the installed one. You can click on the Update button to upgrade.

  • Scheduled: an upgrade was scheduled to run for an update to the device; scheduling options provide the ability to perform the update immediately or schedule it within a specific time interval. If an update has been scheduled but not yet started, you can possibly cancel it using the command “Abort Update” that appears as an alternative to the “Update” button.

  • Running: the upgrade process is running on the device which may not be available for a connection.

  • Failed: the update started or scheduled has not completed successfully.

Scheduling the update


Updates can be scheduled only by users with Device Installer permission.

When you click on the “Update” button you get access to the “Schedule Update” window.

The first drop down menu allows you to choose the type of update.

If there is not an official version available, you can choose between “Certified” or “Beta”. In those cases, the effective availability check will take place when pressing the “Schedule” button.

The second drop down menu allows you to choose the timing of the upgrade and the two available options are:

  1. immediately (Now);

  2. Within time window specifying the date and time of the start and end (i.e. from 8:00 am on 1/1/2019 to 6:00 p, on 31/1/2019 6:00).


After the activation of a scheduled update, the system logs all attempts made and their outcome in the connection log. The events are logged as executed by the virtual user “Updater”.

In case the update event has been scheduled the system will wait until the time indicated and will start the update procedure supporting maximum three attempts in case the process could not be successfully completed.

The Update status provides information on the status of the process and its completion.

Programming can also be done for devices currently offline; the system waits for the specified time and if at that time the device will be available will run the update.

Scheduling updates or execution of the same on more than one device at the same time you can make from the tabular view.

Updating a UBIQUITY Router may take several minutes and it is essential that the device is not manually turned off or restarted during this time. For more details see Update and restore of the system software.


The update process may need to automatically restart the remote system. Check the safety conditions on the plant before activating any update.