Runtime for Win32 Platforms

UBIQUITY Runtime for Win32 requires the NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

If this is not present on the system, it will be installed automatically by the UBIQUITY Runtime setup utility.

To install UBIQUITY Runtime, you need to get the installation package named “UBIQUITYRuntimeSetup.exe” available for download from the ASEM website at the following address:

Download the Runtime component for Win32 platform and launch the installation.

The “Customize” button allows you to select components to include in UBIQUITY Runtime installation.

Available components are:

  • Serial passthrough driver: allows the remote serial connection;

  • Video mirror driver: improve remote desktop performances by using mirror driver;

  • Point-to-point VPN virtual Ethernet adapter: installs the virtual Ethernet adapter to support the scenario in which the connection is limited to the target device.

When the “Install” button is pressed, the installation procedure will start, showing the progress bar and a log with the operations.


If the installation is executed on a system in which UBIQUITY Runtime is already present, the component choice to be installed will be working automatically, depending on the actual device configuration.

After the installation you will see in the application notification area the UBIQUITY Runtime icon: image20.

Clicking the icon opens the control panel of UBIQUITY.

Pressing the “Connect” button UBIQUITY connect itself to the Runtime server.

Refer to Connectivity chapter for minimum connectivity requirement.

If the Runtime has never been associated with any domain, the Runtime window will show the ID and password to be used for device registration (hook to domain).


At this point the registration process of the PC to the UBIQUITY Domain and the registration of the license are the same as described in the chapter First connection to a device and license deployment.