Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop function is configured to use as maximum 40% of available CPU resources with a “normal priority” thread.

Under some circumstances, the system could not have the necessary resources to assign to other processes. It is then possible to configure the Remote Desktop function by means of two parameters, to specify both the maximum percentage of CPU resources to be used and the thread execution priority to be assigned.

The parameters are in the config.xml file in the UBIQUITY Runtime installation folder.

To edit the file, first close the UBIQUITY Runtime, then open the file with a text editor. Modify or add the following lines:

<Param Name="RemoteDesktopPriority" Value="N" />
<Param Name="RemoteDesktopMaxCPUUsage" Value="M" />

where the N parameter (priority) can assume the following values:

  1. Critical

  2. Highest

  3. Above normal

  4. Normal (default)

  5. Below normal

  6. Lowest

  7. Above idle

  8. Idle

and the M parameter (CPU usage) can be any integer number from 1 to 100 to set the maximum percentage of CPU resources assigned to the Remote Desktop thread.