Internet Sharing

UBIQUITY Runtime allows the device running it to share the Internet connectivity typically available through the WAN interface with other devices on the LAN subnet.

It is possible to configure Internet sharing by selecting the network interface to which you need to provide access to the Internet (LAN1 in the figure below). UBIQUITY Runtime will show in this list all network interfaces that do not have a default gateway set; we assume in fact that if a network interface has the gateway configured, it is the one with direct Internet access.


To set up which are the subnets that benefit from the sharing, you’ll need to have them connected by checking the status from the appropriate icons image28.

To manage which devices will get the connection the following options are possible:

  • Any: any device that reaches the selected interface will have access to the Internet.

  • Use white list: only devices whose MAC address is specified on the list will have access to the Internet.

After selecting the network interface, and possibly setting the white list, simply click the button “Apply” for the change to take effect. Restarting the device is not required.


On the device that requires the Internet access you must set the default gateway of the interface connected to the LAN subnet with the IP address of the device on which UBIQUITY Runtime is running. If you needed the address resolution service, DNS servers should also be set up.

If the main Internet connectivity is provided via proxy you must configure the Internet options of the device which is using the sharing to use the same proxy server as well.

The network protocols supported by Internet sharing are TCP and UDP. Other network protocols (Eg: ICMP ping) are not supported.

Internet sharing is only compatible with PRO licensing model. See chapter UBIQUITY Licensing Model.


In Window CE x86 operative systems the registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\Comm\Tcpip\Parms\IpEnableRouter must be set to 0 to correctly use the Internet sharing; in addition, for Windows CE-based HMI devices with the modem and Wi-Fi add-on card, refer to the hardware manual.