Device registration and licensing

To register a device to an Domain and associate a license, please follow the instructions in the Control Center section in the chapter First connection to a device and license registration.


The data exchanged between UBIQUITY Runtime and UBIQUITY Control with the Server infrastructure for the keep alive is about 1 KB per minute.

Identification of the hardware

After the first connection to the network, UBIQUITY Runtime stores its identity on the device disk in a file named auth.bin in a path that depends on the system used and shown in the table



Windows 7, Embedded Standard 7 and later


Windows XP or Embedded Standard 2009 (XPe)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ASEM\QPlatform\Identity

Windows CE (ARM)


Windows CE (x86)

\Program Files\ASEM\QPlatform\Identity


/persistent/data/ASEM/QPlatform/Identity – the folder is accessible only through Control Center

You cannot transfer the identity file from one device to another by copying the auth.bin file, but you can make a backup of the file and copy it after uninstalling and reinstalling the operating system or Runtime.

The only case in which you cannot restore the identity file is when the disk is replaced, because the device will be recognized as a different machine.