Augmented Reality

UBIQUITY AR, available for Android and iOS, allows the field operator to show the technician on Control Center the scene captured by the smartphone or tablet camera. The two technicians can also interact using geometric shapes in overlay anchored to real detail using the augmented reality (AR) support of the last generation devices.


Augmented reality support is only available for some models. Please refer to your vendor’s manual to know if a device supports ARKit (iOS/iPadOS) or ARCore (Android).

Once the connection with the App UBIQUITY AR has been established, operators will have the following available actions:

  1. Use the camera to capture the scene;

  2. Add an object to the scene;

  3. Enable the chat;

  4. Take a screenshot;

  5. Enable 2D mode and use drawing tools.

Device registration

The registration of a device that uses UBIQUITY AR is performed like every Runtime. For more information, see First connection to a device and license registration.

Add an object to the scene


Only available for devices that support augmented reality.

When the scene is captured, it is possible to insert indicators in the form of arrows that are anchored in the same point as long as the connection remains active. The position of the objects in the scene does not change even if you move the camera and return to the point where they were added.

You can only insert objects into the scene if the device correctly detects anchor surfaces; if this is not possible, a warning message will appear on the screen.

The indicators can be entered either via a mobile device or via Control Center. With the device it is sufficient to tap the points on the screen where you want to insert them, while with Control Center you can get the same result by moving the mouse pointer and clicking in the desired positions. To make it easier for the operator, the arrows inserted via a mobile device or via Control Center have different colours.

To clean up the scene from every inserted object you can use the recycle bin icon available in the top left menu bar or through the dedicated Clear AR scene in Control Center.

2D mode

Using the brush icon, available in the top left menu, you can enable and disable 2D drawing mode. Enabling it captures a frame of the scene on which you can add indicators (arrows), draw freehand lines or add text. To return to real-time capture of the scene, press the brush icon again to disable 2D mode.


Through the Settings window you can change the values that allow you to improve or reduce the quality and size of the images that the App UBIQUITY AR sends to Control Center.


Increasing quality and size improves the images displayed on Control Center, but increases the bandwidth needed to transfer more data; if there is an Internet line with insufficient bandwidth, there will be a reduction in the smoothness - frames transmitted in the time unit (FPS) - of what is displayed on the Control Center side.