UBIQUITY Router is a hardware device able to provide the remote assistance services as a standalone solution, allowing to use UBIQUITY in all those situations where for any reason the software solution is not an option. UBIQUITY Router applies to the automation network with zero impact on the actual devices. No changes are requested to the configuration of any of the existing devices.

There are several UBIQUITY Router models, that differ in the integration of a switch, a Wi-Fi interface, a modem for Internet access and the support of data monitoring function through the use of Premium HMI Runtime.


UBIQUITY is also available together with UNIQLOUD IIoT Gateway GR1x products and for them, concerning remote assistance, the information in this manual are also valid.

UBIQUITY Router implements a specific variant of UBIQUITY Runtime; from the functional point of view this is equivalent to the standard Runtime described in the dedicated chapters. See Runtime for more details.


The UBIQUITY Router operating system desktop interface is accessible using the UBIQUITY Remote Desktop function, but NO interaction of any type is requested with the Desktop; all the configuration procedures are made using Control Center.

All the general concepts related to the UBIQUITY platform stay valid and they can be fully applied to the Router; this is true for the interaction with the Domain, for the user and domain’s permission handling, for the use of the VPN, for the use of the serial pass-through function.

UBIQUITY Router supports automatic update procedures to provide easy maintenance of the device itself. Please see Updating UBIQUITY Runtime and Router for a detailed description of the procedures.

There are some LEDs for visual feedback of the device’s services status. See LED visual feedback for a detailed description of the LEDs meaning.


The complete description of the technical specification and the installation manual are included in the hardware manual provided together with the device.