UBIQUITY Router system software has been designed to reduce as much as possible the user intervention and simplify the few mandatory settings.

There are no settings required neither for the configuration of the VPN, nor the Ethernet interfaces. All basic settings are made at factory level. No changes are requested to the user.

The UBIQUITY Router configuration is applied in the following cases: network interfaces IP addresses, serial port configuration, connection mode and Domain registration.

UBIQUITY Router can be configured in two ways:

  • Using a network connection

  • Using a USB stick on which the configuration file has been copied

In both cases the configuration is done using Control Center.

UBIQUITY Router contains a parameter programming interface, accessible through a web browser. See Configuration from the web interface for details.

From Control Center you get access to the UBIQUITY Router configuration screen from the icon on the toolbar placed in the top-right, next-to the “Audit” icon.


The configuration process of UBIQUITY Router does not require Control Center to be connected to a Domain. In case Control Center is not connected to a Domain some of the configuration options will not be available.