UBIQUITY Router Configuration

The UBIQUITY Router can be configured in two ways:

  • Using an Ethernet connection to the device

  • Using a USB pen drive

In both cases, you need to use UBIQUITY Control Center.

From Control Center, you get access to the Router configuration screens using the icon from the menu bar as shown in the following figure.


Power on UBIQUITY Router and connect the WAN Ethernet port to your local network together with the PC where you have running Control Center.

Click on the “Local Area Network” button as shown in the following figure


The following figure shows the “LAN discovery”.

Control Center supports the automatic discovery of the UBIQUITY Router devices connected on the local network regardless of the sub-network and will populate the list according to the MAC addresses of the devices network interfaces.


Type the Router device password and click “Discovery”.


When configuring a Router with UBIQUITY version earlier than 8, "Enable support for Router less than version 8" check box must be marked the. If in doubt, you can always scan twice with the option enabled and disabled.


The compliance with IEC 62443-3-3 on the safety of industrial communication systems and networks requires that the router password is changed during the first device setup. The password requirements are the following:

  • At least one uppercase character

  • At least one lowercase character

  • Aleast one numeric character

  • At least a symbolic character

The list will be populated with a number of devices that have password matching with the one provided and they will be identified with the Ethernet interfaces MAC addresses.

Select the one you need to configure from the list and click “Configure” to go ahead with the configuration.

The following figure shows the Router configuration options.

The settings are divided in categories. Click to expand what you need and provide the required settings.

Detailed information per each category are in the Control Center user manual available from the “help” menu in the upper right corner of the main Control Center window.

Domain association is done from the “UBIQUITY Domain Registration” section.

The following figure shows the available options.


Mark the check box “Create and register ….”, specify a name for the router (can be changed at any time later) and identify the initial location in the Domain tree.

To apply the configuration click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen.

A message will confirm the result of the operation.

If needed, Control Center will automatically reboot the router after the configuration has been transferred.


The RM UBIQUITY Router systems include the Runtime of Premium HMI to implement data collection and monitoring applications.

The programming of these features follows the standard rules of the HMI system configuration. Please see the Premium HMI Studio user manual.

UBIQUITY Control Center is able to automatically identify these systems and provides support for specific features that are described in the UBIQUITY Control Center at the following page.