First UBIQUITY Runtime Connection

Locate the UBIQUITY icon in the application notification area as shown in the following figure and double-click on it.


In the window that appears, click on the Connect button and wait until the status changes to Connected to the UBIQUITY Network as shown in the images.

image12 image13

If necessary, the address of the Proxy server can be set in the settings screen in UBIQUITY Runtime by clicking on the icons as shown in the figure.


Once the UBIQUITY Runtime is connected to the UBIQUITY network, the main screen will show an ID and a password. You need them from Control Center to associate the device to your Domain.

Run Control Center and access the domain with the “admin” user.

From UBIQUITY Control Center, log-in to the Domain with the “admin” user and click “Add device” from the tool area as shown in the following figure.


Type the ID and the password and click “Ok”.

The device will be then associated to the Domain and added into the folder.

In case UBIQUITY Runtime on the remote device were not been licensed, you need to activate it using the “Activate” link as shown in the figure below.

The license code is available from the “UBIQUITY Runtime” sticker normally on the back of the device or included in the UBIQUITY Runtime license package (installation on no ASEM devices or later purchasing).

image16 image17

Once the registration to the Domain and the activation are completed, it is possible to start a remote assistance session using the Device Access and VPN button from the right side of the main window of Control Center.


In case the Control Center PC and the device where the UBIQUITY Runtime is installed are connected to the Internet from the same network, you do not need to activate the UBIQUITY Runtime and you are free to make any test session.