Creating the Domain

All new UBIQUITY users must create a Domain to access and use the services.

This is a one-time operation.


Each newly created Domain is immediately active and working, but it requires a final activation procedure by inserting the license code. This operation has to be done within 30 days after the creation of the domain


The Domain creation and its later use requires a working Internet connection on the PC where you are running Control Center.

If the network is provided with a Proxy server, you will need to specify the connection parameters in Control Center from the “settings” screen as shown in the following figure.


From the UBIQUITY main screen click on the “Create a new Domain”, link as shown in the following figure.


In the next screen, fill in the form with the Company information.

The required information are the following:

  • the name for the new Domain please decide carefully as it cannot be changed later

  • the company name

  • a user name (default is admin)

  • The password you would like to use for the “admin” user

  • a valid and accessible e-mail address


Once the required fields of the form are filled, click on “Create Domain” and await confirmation.

For the first access, use the “admin” user with the previously set password.