The integrated Firewall can easily define and apply policies to the VPN traffic to improve the security and reduce the traffic between Runtime and Control Center.

The configuration procedure is similar to the one used by the commercial Firewall; the initial step is the policy definition, while the final one is the policy application.

UBIQUITY is featuring a rich pre-defined policy library which is available and maintained at server level and importable within the domain.

The firewall policies can be defined locally to any folder and sub folder of the domain and they can be used within the folder where they have been defined.

The sub domains are equipped in fact with their own firewall policies, applicable to their elements without any interference with the rest of the Domain.

If there is no need to use different policies in the sub domains, it is a good practice to define all the policies at the root level and use them where needed.

To work with the firewall, you need to login to the Domain with a user having the “Network security” profile..

The policies can be added to the domain in two ways: manual definition and import from server.