How to create a sub domain

The issue described below is about the creation of a sub domain with local administrator.

The target is to create a sub domain called “Germany” with some sub folders and to get a user (Claus) as administrator of this sub domain.

You need first to access to the main domain with a user having Administration profile for the domain.

Create then the folder “Germany”.

Select the folder, then create the two sub folders “Nurnberg” and “Stuttgart”.

While the “Germany” folder is still selected creates now two users that will be local to the selected folder. Andreas and Claus will be users available only within the “Germany” folder.

To elect Claus as administrator of the “Germany” sub domain, click on the folder name and add the user to the list on the “Users and groups” list of the “Permission” area.

Then, assign to Claus administrative rights by ticking the “Allow” option next to “Administration”, in the “Permissions” menu.”.

Please note that as soon as the user Claus is added to the sub domain users’ list, the window shows the complete list of domain’s users.

Now log in to the Domain using the user Claus.

You will notice immediately that the user has no visibility of any folder out of the “Germany” one and it does not have any permission at domain root level.

When you click on the “Germany” folder, all the commands and controls become immediately accessible along with the administration profile.

The described procedure is recursive and allows a user (i.e. Claus) to create an additional sub domain with other local users.