About using UBIQUITY in combination with Simatic TIA Portal

The information in this chapter refers to Simatic TIA Portal v13.

The use of the MPI gateway service requires a specific network setup in the Step 7 project.

The configuration is done directly using the network tools from TIA portal programming environment.

The network topology to implement is shown in the following figure.


The key elements of the network topology are the UBIQUITY Router and the PC with Control Center.

The configuration is required by TIA Portal to know how to reach a device via MPI which is behind a router.


Simatic HMI DO NOT support the programming via MPI when passing through a Router. When working from remote they must be programmed via Ethernet.

The example shown assumes to have an S7-300 PLC to be programmed through an UBIQUITY Router using the MPI PLC interface.

In our example, we assume the PLC has been already included in the project. The “Device & networks” view will look as shown in the following figure.


Configuring the PC with Control Center and Simatic TIA Portal

Open the hardware catalog, locate the “PC Station” component and bring it into the configuration.


Double click on the component, locate the “IE general” interface from the catalogue and add it to the first available slot.


Configuring the UBIQUITY Router component

Insert a new “PC Station” from the catalogue, double click on it to access to the configuration, insert in the first slot the “IE General” interface.

After that, locate the “CP 5624” interface and insert it in the second available slot.


Configuring the MPI network

Return now to the network view, click on the orange square of the PLC component and drag the connection to the CP interface.


Click on the orange square of the “UBIQUITY Router” and assign the MPI node address according with the Router port configuration.


Configuring the Ethernet network

Click on the green square of the PC component and connect the network to the green square of the UBIQUITY Router.


Click on the green square of the UBIQUITY Router Ethernet interface ad assign the IP address of the LAN port of the Router.


Click now on the green square of the Control Center PC to setup the IP address of the interface.

The configured IP address must be the same as the one assigned to the “UBIQUITY VPN” virtual interface visible through the Control Center during the VPN session.